Website demos are the next significant development in the evolution of professional online self-service. Think about how many times you’ve been on a website with no idea of where to go, what to do or how to get anywhere in the site? Drop-downs, roll-overs, submenus, search bars, pop-ups, banner ads, scrolling bars all add to the confusion!  Believe it or not, the internet and navigating a website is still foreign to many professionals and consumers alike. A webdemo provides a fast and efficient way for companies to demonstrate just how to use the website, its value to the customer and help direct a user to create a certain action. A webdemo is viewable from any computer, anywhere. No need to install an application. Just launch your browser and watch the show. Unlike a video webcast, webdemos demonstrate the value of a website, product or service. webdemos, webmercials or webtutors can target various users such as customers, prospects or field agents.

What can our website demos do for your company?

  1. Promote and Explain Features and Benefits of Your Site
    Demos are the ideal solution when you want to draw attention to certain areas of your website or explain how to do something.
  1. Improve the Customer Experience
    The conversational and helpful nature of our demos will engage your customers and make them more comfortable with your site.
  1. Reduce Customer Service Costs with Online Self-Service
    Demos are proactive tools that empower customers to help themselves before they call or email your customer service team.
  1. Convert Casual Users into Subscribing or Registered Members
    Our demos help you quickly illustrate the value of site membership.

Distribution is Key
Demos are a cost-effective and innovative way to promote site features and benefits, improve the customer experience and reduce costs by providing online self-service. Here’s a partial list of distribution options to ensure that your web demos reach the widest possible audience:


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