Our Chicago website design services company has designed and developed over 3,000 websites in over 15 years for some of Chicagos largests corporations. We offer website design services that develop positive user experiences that drive revenue and sales.


As Interactive Agency of Record for all online initiatives from 1996-2002 we originally responded to TruServ’s desire to expand their entire offering through the use of the Internet channel. After developing a long term strategy we subsequently designed, developed and launched over 250 internal and external internet applications including the launch of Truevalue.com. The TrueValue.com site includes a wide range of functionality including back end integration to legacy and warehouse systems.  Truevalue.com started in early 1999 as a static site and has matured through the addition of many features including full e-commerce capabilities, customer retention tools, and client side editing tools.  TrueValue.com supported over 92,000 unique users a week and 4 million hits a month.

We were asked to provide a strategy and solution to “Localize” Midas International and all the locations in North America and Canada. We developed and launched a program called “The Midas Minisites” which automatically builds and manages all 2000 Midas Stores. We leveraged our experience in developing content management build-your-own web site system.  It provides the capability for a large company to deploy many locally targeted web sites.  Members can build their own web sites within pre-defined templates.  The sites can be complete commerce enabled systems that local distributors with limited technical experience can build and administer through a browser. We also deployed a SEO natural and local paid search program. The entire Minisite program has been running for over 4 years.

The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company (Wrigley) required a strategy to view, share and collaborate with the vast amount of Rich Media assets that are available to employees. We created a “YouTube” application designed Global audiences within Wrigley for streaming videos and other digital media such as Podcasts, Commercials, Training Videos, Corporate meetings PPT presentations with audio, Flash presentations and sharing ideas with different levels of viewing and permissions. Wrigley will use it Globally to stream messages from the Senior management and Show current TV commercials from all the Agencies, Podcasts, Sales meetings and even Ringtones of old Wrigley Radio spots for employees to download! With this system, videos can stay up and be archived for endless viewing and sharing. It’s designed to create a real sense of community and excitement among associates but is completely private.

Post megamerger, DHL Express needed to devise a B2B strategy to communicate relevant company information to new and existing customers and all levels of sales people from Account Executives (Field Sales Accounts) to National Account Managers (Accounts >$1 million revenue potential).  The strategy is to provide a new presentation tool with updated content and improved functionality to the sales force.  This project is similar to taking a 150-200 page PowerPoint and converting it to an interactive presentation.

Master Lock approached us to develop an online strategy for a newly established bike lock brand and product offering to the online channel.  Our first task was to identify the brand positioning for an audience of dealers and prospective customers.  As part of the strategy, a solution included an innovative, functional, and user-focused interface presentation that is both educational and informative for the audience.  The new site incorporated tools that assist customers in the selection of products and location of retail outlets.  A “dealer’s only” section assists prospective dealers in finding helpful information including point of sale offerings, lock specifications and images for use in print advertising.

Bally Total Fitness focuses on two main objectives for the www.ballyfitness.com site: acquisition of prospective members and retention of existing members.  User feedback has indicated that the navigational layout of the current site is hampering the efforts to achieve these goals.  Led a team that worked with Bally Total Fitness in developing a new navigational site architecture that enhanced the user’s ability to locate and access pertinent content and information.  Additionally, the redesign will include the addition of dynamic content created and deployed through a custom admin tool.

ACE came to us asking for a direct sales strategy that would enhance their efforts to establish relationships with large industrial and commercial supply customers.  We developed a channel integration strategy to specifically assist in this effort.  After 6 months of development we launched “One2One” includes a suite of tools that allow customers to maintain their own account information, track orders, track favorite items, store basic account information and more.  Store owners can set up special pricing, control which offerings (or catalogs) are available for specific customers, and maintain the order process on a per account basis. Store owners can also access and upload data from multiple sources (vendors).  The solution also includes special Request for Quote functionality that allows customers to submit special hard to find requests to store owners.  

We developed a strategy for United to compete better and streamline business process throughout the Travel Agent Channel. We created a web portal strategy to communicate and support Travel Management Centers (TMC) in the US.  Many of United competitors currently have a portal in place to disseminate information to their TMC’s.  A web portal will be used to become a main reference point for agents.  It will provide a total solution to gather information, analyze data, view reports, process payments, redeem traveler services etc.  Without a portal United is unable to compete with information that is provided by other major airlines to TMC’s, which are currently a disadvantage to United, in this highly competitive industry.

The new TMC web portal will give United a way to help support their agents.  A portal will provide a way of assisting the TMC to better serve their clients.  The TMC portal will also provide an audit history and tracking, email distribution process, which will help provide ideas for new promotions, programs and better ways to Communicate. United is currently building the portal in-house.

The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company (Wrigley) is expanding their business into new markets, including oral healthcare.  Wrigley asked to develop a strategy that would give consumers and practitioners access to information regarding the effects of “Dry Mouth” gathered by the medical community.  Wrigley wanted the solution to serve as a way to educate and promote Dry Mouth awareness and the Wrigley product line. Wrigley created a static (paper based) knowledge repository of known prescription drugs that cause Dry Mouth.  They also had identified three groups that would need to access this Dry Mouth knowledge base: Consumers, Practitioners (Doctors, Dentists), and Industry Organizations and Companies (American Dental Association, American Medical Association, Web MD, AARP, etc.)  We created a strategy and solution that included the design and development of a web site and web service for current (as well as future) groups.  This solution is www.drymouth.info - an online healthcare extension of the Wrigley brand. The application has proved very effective and is in its fifth year.

As part of a Global Competitive Intelligence Strategy. We developed three competitive intelligence portals for Motorola: Eagle, 12th floor and Corporate Business Development.  12th Floor was designed and developed as a portal specifically used by the senior management team of Motorola to exchange sensitive competitive information.  Eagle was used as a portal for the exchange of documents, news clippings and other competitive research that was gathered by various Motorola business units.  The Corporate Business Development (CBD) site was used to centralize and track deals developed by the CBD team.  All three solutions required a tiered security structure that allows unique, permission based access to content and administration tools.  Additionally, the solution includes a suite of tools for data input, search, customizing reports, managing forms and archiving electronic documents. 

Ketchum Directory Advertising (KDA) was looking for a way to centralize client communications including media plans, artwork and status reports.  Additionally, they needed a way to manage the client approval process.  We leveraged strategy and experience of building secure portals for clients such as Motorola and Truevalue in developing a solution that would respond to KDA’s objectives.  The strategy included a full suite of content management tools for developing permission-based content.  Furthermore, we developed the strategy and change process to automate the KDA client approval process.  The strategy provided a framework for additional applications that will be developed in future phases, such as online invoicing.

We were asked to develop online insurance strategy for two groups within the American Bar Association (ABA), the American Insurance Plans Consultants, Inc. (ABI) and the American Bar Endowment (ABE).  Both groups required a way to effectively communicate the various member insurance offerings while streamlining the application process.  Variations in plans required the development of dynamic pages driven by user inputs including state of residence and age of applicant.  The strategy also needed to consider an online process for presenting rate quotes in real time.  Finally, the site needed to track all member requests for quotes or insurance plan information. 

The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company (Wrigley) is in the process of building a Corporate Campus on Goose Island in Chicago. We were asked to develop a strategy to help migrate and acclimate a smooth transition for all Wrigley Employees to the various buildings within the Campus. We developed the internal communication strategy and portal solution, “Portalbility,” in response to this need for the creation and administration of centralized web-based content system featuring all the buildings within permission based architecture.  Each building has its own unique identity within a common structure.  Administrators have access to a full suite of content management tools.  The hierarchal security structure allows a company to set up unique, permission based, employee views of content and amenities.  The solution also includes a robust suite of user tools that allow individual customers to control content and migration flow processes, further enhancing the relationship that Wrigley has with their employee base.


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